A quick Overview of Justin Bieber’s Indian Concert


Justin Bieber is one of the most loved and hated pop singer of all times. He was born in Canada and discovered by a manager who found Justin’s YouTube videos. I feel that people secretly listen to his music and hate him on the outside. Justin Bieber has become very famous in a short period and has sold over 44.7 million copies of his album. Most of the people are probably jealous of his success and show hatred towards him.

Justin Bieber


His debut song was “baby” which became an instant hit, and people loved his voice. He later went on a world tour and released albums such as Never Say Never, Purpose, etc. According to the Forbes magazine, he is said to be one of the most influential celebrities in the world. He is very young and is known worldwide.

Justin Bieber has fans all around the world and Indians seem to love him a lot. When Justin had tweeted that he is coming to India in the month of May 2017, the people were so excited and waited for his concert eagerly. People were crazy and had waited for more than 12 hours in front of the gate.


Justin Bieber had arrived in Mumbai Airport on the 10th of May 2017 and had checked into one of the best hotels in Mumbai. There were many guards and security protection for the Canadian Singer and Song Writer. Justin Beiber was said to perform at the concert at 8 pm in the night. His fans are popularly known as the “belibers” had assembled from all parts of India even before the show had started. Some even came at 8 am in the morning, and the gates were to be opened only by 2 p.m.

Lip Sync:

Apart from the fact that his fans shouted their lungs out when they saw him perform some of his famous songs some people who attended were also offended as he lip synced most of the songs and did not even consider to lip sync properly. The fans were also upset that they had spent too much money and Bieber dint even consider showing his dance moves. I guess that is typical Indian mentality of people trying to spend money frugally.


The concert held at the DY Patil Stadium was full; the organisation of the show was terrible and very congested. The stalls inside the stadium were very expensive, and water bottles were charged around a hundred rupees and raised to two hundred when the demand rose. It was the month of May and India has a hot and humid climate during that time of the year.

Justin Bieber also had visited some of the slums of Mumbai to show his love. People were indeed very excited and welcomed him warmly. Though there are many negative comments about his concert, his fans are grateful for his appearance and even being able to see him has made them very happy.